After many false starts and near-misses, I am ready to go. 

We are in The Crash of 2022. 

I have prepared my readers for this crash--on platforms such as Real Money--with opinion (bearish, except for energy,) commentary, and model portfolios, 7 in total, all of which are DESTROYING their benchmarks.  

Now, unlike Twitter, I will monetize. So, I have 5 ways to help you keep beating this market.

Jim Collins' Yield Signs: This product has existed since 2020 in institutional-only form.  Now I am opening it up to retail investors, as well.  I publish detailed updates every Sunday night--including the original ExCap Model Portfolio--with occasional ad hoc updates, depending on the markets.  JCYS carries a one-time, “forever" price of $1,000.

The ExCap Model Portfolios., I began creating a new series of ExCap model portfolios for Real Money with HOAX on 12/23/2021.  After destroying Cathie Wood’s sinking ARKK–HOAX is up 31% since that day, ARKK is down 63%--I followed that up with HOAX 2.0, SHORT, FKBGT, DFNCE, DEATH and PREFS.  All are beating their benchmarks with such alacrity--producing alpha, as we finance nerds call it–that I have decided to create a subscription service.  There will be more model portfolios to come as we deal with the realities of a Bear Market and frequent updates to the 7 that currently exist.  $100/yr for this service.  

ExCap DAILY.  A NEW newsletter that has sprung from the WhatsApp Group that I formed with Real Money readers who had expressed interest in my HOAX portfolio.  This one will be a DAILY piece with pre-market thoughts from yours truly.  That's $100/mth-$1,000/year, but really only amounts to about $4/issue since there are ~250 trading days per year.

Bespoke Research Reports.  I will continue to write longer-form notes for OHM Research in São Paulo and soon will be doing the same for Smartkarma in Singapore.  In addition, I will begin offering, via this Shopify portal,  FULL-LENGTH, in-depth company research reports.  They will be branded ExCap.  If written for institutional/individual clients, they will be bespoke and limited in distribution.  If written for a public company they will be HEAVILY footnoted with all compliance disclaimers (I do write paid research; I don’t write “non-obvious” paid research) and also available through this Shopify portal.  Pricing is negotiable, but a benchmark price is $10,000 for each very-thorough, financial model-containing, >20-page research report. 

CEO Interviews.  I have posted several of my CEO interviews to YouTube via the 2021 ExCap Management Access Conference and other, individual CEO interviews with emerging companies like Exro Technologies, Vicinity Motor and Sarcos Robotics  These will be accessible through Shopify, in addition to remaining on YouTube   I will do more interviews as 2022 progresses.  No charge for these videos…ever.



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